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Bespoke Windows Applications For Business

Over the years Blueberry Systems has developed numerous bespoke Microsoft Windows applications for a wide variety of businesses. We specialise in developing rich Windows-based, mission-critical applications that are 100% bespoke to fit exactly the way you do business.

Blueberry’s expertise includes:

  • Industry Specific Applications: Windows software to help improve efficiency, increase sales, reduce cost, or allows you to compete. Once our solution is an integral part of your daily operations you’ll never know how you managed without it!
  • Windows Services:  Automated background computing tasks that don’t require user intervention.
  • Client Server Applications: If you need Windows software that can operate both online and offline, then a Windows application with smart client capabilities is the answer.

Blueberry’s experienced software developers have considerable proven skills in the creation of bespoke business systems, using Microsoft .NET and SQL Server.

Our preferred development platform is Microsoft .NET, because the Microsoft toolset and technologies are adaptable, continually evolving, and significantly more productive than other options (although we still retain expertise in C++ for instances where there are performance or technical issues with using .NET!).

In addition, we recommend MS SQL Server as the information store for most business applications.

If you’re ready to improve the way your organisation works and require a bespoke Microsoft Windows development, you’ve found the right place. Contact us today for a no-obligation quote.

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