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A web application is a business system or application delivered via the internet and accessed through a browser. Every modern computer, tablet and smartphone comes pre‐loaded with a browser, usually Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Apple’s Safari. Web applications include public facing interactive website that enable people to do business online (for example eBay), or a business application available only to a restricted user base e.g. the staff within a business.

Web applications have a huge range of benefits compared to traditional non‐web based “desktop” applications, such as:

  • Accessibility to a mass audience that is defined as anyone with Internet access and a web browser (subject to security restrictions imposed by the application itself, such as a username and password) ‐ unlike a desktop application which has to be installed on every user’s computer. Therefore the Web makes it much cheaper and quicker to reach a mass audience than the traditional method of developing, testing, packaging and distributing software for individual user to install.
  • Ease of update ‐ to update a web application, the amendments only need to be made to one place: the server on which the web application runs. Unlike a desktop application, there’s no need for complicated testing or developing software “patches” before distributing to each end user of the application.

A well-designed business web application (such as a portal, e‐commerce app or data management system) improves business performance by streamlining business processes, enabling the user to reach a goal or complete a task much more quickly.

Blueberry Systems specialises in bespoke web development projects and business critical applications. We have extensive experience of working with clients from diverse sectors, and on projects of all shapes and sizes. This expertise means we have the know‐how to successfully deliver web applications that ensure the long‐term success of your business, whether it’s a large public corporation or an SME. Furthermore, it means we can advise you on what will work and what will not for your particular business and customer profile.

Most of our web applications are developed using robust, proven Microsoft technologies ‐ the .NET framework, IIS web server and SQL Server database, with Angular.js to deliver a rich user interface experience. This combination is used in the most modern software development projects around the world for creating systems that work on the Windows operating system.

Web applications can be hosted either on a server within a company or (as is increasingly the case) on a cloud‐based server, which delivers a low cost low maintenance computing platform.

The digital landscape is a complex and rapidly changing environment, with new devices, technologies and platforms emerging all the time. If you’re looking for a bespoke web application that is future-proof, robust, scalable, and integrates with your existing systems, you’ve found the right developer.

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