E-commerce Development

e-Commerce Is Vital To Business Survival

An e-commerce development is a business system or application delivered over the Web, and so provides an opportunity to sell products to a much wider audience – even sell globally. 

A successful e-Commerce development not only streamlines the administration of the business, but also makes it easier for customers to make a buying decision by delivering a sophisticated and interactive user experience. An example of a customer facing interactive website is eBay (although eBay also includes elements such as the transfer of funds between accounts).

With web-based software development projects, the sky’s the limit in terms of what they can be made to do, such as integrating with other systems and adding bespoke behind-the-scenes functionality.

A fully-featured eCommerce development will:

  • Manage inventories and notify appropriate contacts if stocks become low; handle transactions and process payments securely; produce reports on target achievement, trends and tax‐related issues;
  • Create invoices and receipts to send to customers; track returns and keep customers informed on the status of their account; 
  • Integrate with customer databases so as to provide recommendations and remember delivery addresses and payment details.

If you’ve an existing offline business and are planning to develop an eCommerce website to boost your sales, it makes sense to get the online shop to connect to your existing systems and applications. This can reduce your operational costs and streamline the order processing, stock management and customer support activities.

Advantages of an e-Commerce site include:

  • The opportunity to sell products globally.
  • 24/7 opening times, so when you’re asleep, you’re still open for business irrespective of time‐differences across the world.
  • Enable you to run your business more efficiently and therefore be more profitable.
  • Running and maintenance costs associated with an e‐Commerce site are a fraction compared to how much it would cost on premises and salaries in a real‐world shop.

The ability to accept online payments is critical for any e‐commerce website, and there are many factors that need to be considered, such as security, commission rates, support for recurring payments and support for international payments and multiple currencies. 

At Blueberry Systems, we have enormous expertise of integrating with major online payment providers, gained from our experience with our global software product range, BB FlashBack (see Blueberry Software). 

This includes order processing, management, reporting, tracking and so forth. 

With our extensive experience in developing back-office systems, we are able to create a robust GUI for e-commerce websites, which will manage your products, categories, customers, orders, invoices and so on – all delivered on time and budget.

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