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Need A Robust New Database System? We Are Experts In Database Development!

How well a modern business operates is determined by how efficiently it organises and processes information. Hence a database system that provides an organisation with a central repository of information that can be easily searched or used to generate reports is a definite advantage to facilitate business growth and efficiency.

If your business is running an antiquated, slow or unreliable database system and would like to upgrade to a database system which is fast, secure and resilient, contact Blueberry for an unbiased discussion on the pros and cons of migrating to systems based on an industrial‐strength relational database such as Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL or Oracle.

Blueberry Systems has all the database development skills required to deliver a new database system for your organisation:

  • We can create a bespoke Windows application to deliver the forms and reports you need directly on your PCs
  • We can create a web‐based application, so that the forms and reports are delivered via your
    web browser, and are accessible to any group or user you choose.

As well as the database engine at the back‐end which stores data, creates backups and runs queries, Blueberry Systems will also create a front‐end browser‐based web application so that users can interact with the data.

This type of web app makes it possible to access the database information from anywhere and at any time, provided that from a security point of view this is desirable for the organisation.

It’s usual in most organisations that not every user should be able to see all the data stored. Hence we will usually design a database system where access to data is tightly controlled by the decision makers, and user access is only granted to information needed by different users in order to perform their designated role.

What this means is that while everyone can log in to the same database, they will only see what is relevant to them through the web-based application.

Database Server Technologies

There are a number of database systems on the market, but the top three systems are:

  • MS SQL Server – available in a number of editions ranging from free to expensive.  
  • Oracle ‐ generally used for larger systems, because most commercial customers tend to go with Microsoft SQL Server. 
  • MySQL ‐ an open source product that is the de‐facto standard for Linux applications.

Blueberry Systems prefers to use MS SQL Server as this is the system most customers are familiar with. MS SQL Server is available in a number of different licensing options, from a free version for small applications, to a high‐end version with extra specialist features.

MS SQL Express is particularly useful for small systems, as it allows customers to access the performance and data‐security benefits of SQL Server without needing to pay any licence fees.

MS SQL Server 2008 is a very substantial product with a huge feature set. Advanced MS SQL Server features include Replication, Transaction Log Shipping, Reporting Services, and Free Text Searching.

If you have a requirement for database development, please get in touch.

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