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Your Top Software Development Questions

Q. Why should my business choose bespoke software?

When businesses are new or small they can be run with relatively simple I.T. systems, such as Excel spreadsheets, Access databases, Salesforce for CRM and Sage for accounts, for example. But for larger and growing businesses, the demands on the software are greater. Systems need to be fast, resilient, secure, support large communities of users who may be based at multiple locations or even globally. In addition, systems need to be integrated so that data is shared. many of our customers come to us because they have reached a point where simple, unintegrated software systems no longer enable the business to be efficient. A bespoke solution from Blueberry delivers exactly what the business needs. No compromises.

Q. What are the indications that my business needs bespoke software?

  • Having to re‐enter the same (or similar) data into multiple software applications.
  • Unacceptable speed of response to customers and business needs.
  • Regular manual delivery of information/notifications to your clients, typified by excessive use of paper forms and records.
  • Regularly performing tedious manual calculations.

Q. What are the basic steps involved in the creation of a bespoke software application for my business?

  • Analysis of the business needs and agreeing the objectives of the required software application.
  • Using the results of the analysis and subsequent discussions to design the software.
  • Building the software in line with customer‐approved milestones
  • Testing the beta version in your working environment
  • Delivery of the final bespoke software with all necessary documentation

Q. What warranty and support are you providing after I take delivery of the final software version?

Blueberry Systems works to the rigorous standards set by the software industry, and we warrant all our software in accordance with accepted industry standards and practices. We provide a 3 month warranty following software acceptance. In addition, we offer a range of on‐going support services. For more details, click here.

Q. What is your delivery and payment policy?

We will provide a clear quote for each project or piece of work (often as a fixed price) before work begins. This will be accompanied by defined milestones, each of which will have a stage payment attached to it. When you agree that the milestone has been reached, we will issue the associated invoice, which is payable within 30 days. There will normally be an initial milestone/stage payment at the commencement of each piece of work. Support contracts must be paid for in advance of service.

Q. What programming technologies are you experts at?

Blueberry has exceptional expertise in all aspects of Windows development, from C++ through to Microsoft .NET; and strong expertise with AJAX, Angular.js, ASP.NET, C#.NET and SQL Server. Additionally, Blueberry has the development skills to build and deploy applications targeted at any of the mobile platforms and hardware manufacturers in use today, plus Linux systems, cross platform applications, the Amazon platform (including AWS migration), and Cisco.

Q. What kind of bespoke software development is available?

Blueberry Systems covers much of the spectrum of modern software development, as well as offering clear, considered technical advice. Years of experience with large client‐server software systems gives us a real understanding of the power and possibilities of the Internet. In addition to Windows and Web/Database applications, we also develop mobile phone‐enabled applications, image/audio processing systems, MS Office plug-ins and so on.

Q. Do you charge by the hour, or bid for entire projects?

Whichever you prefer. If you like the flexibility and freedom of “do as I say” and “pay as we go” then we
can charge by the hour. However, we also offer fixed bid pricing for very well defined projects. Fixed
price contracts work best if you have clear requirements that are not likely to change. If the project brief
is exceeded, then we can always re‐quote for any late changes. For some clients, we can also offer a
hybrid of both hourly and fixed bidding.

Q. What if I want you to work with a technology that you are not familiar with?

That depends on whether it is a modern technology that could be applicable to our future projects. If it
is, then we will acquire the expertise at no cost to you. Conversely, if it is unlikely that the knowledge
will ever be useful for any other foreseeable project (such as a ‘dead’ language), then we reserve the right to charge you for the time spent learning it.

Q. What is the minimum project size that you will accept?

Our project portfolio covers a wide range of clients ‐ from big, blue‐chip multinationals, to small one‐man operations. To us, the viability of the project and its ability to excite us is what matters, not whether it is considered too small
by other developers. After all, happy clients sometimes grow and bring their friends…

Q. Who owns the software that you write for me?

Once the project is completed and paid for the software is owned by you. This means you get everything
that is necessary to build, maintain, or extend the software, such as “executable” files, source code,
scripts, graphics, audio, project files, etc. However, we do like to retain the right to reuse the source
code in future projects, provided it does not contain any proprietary or protected information belonging
to you. Obviously, if this is likely to cause a problem, we can customise the terms to your needs!

Q. Will you sign a non‐disclosure agreement?

Of course! Some of our clients want to safeguard their project idea before proceeding with a
development company. This is no problem.

Q. Do you write software for the Macintosh platform?

Yes. We have skilled developers who can work with either the Windows or Mac platform.

Q. When is your support available?

We operate to normal UK working hours (8.30am to 5.30pm), unless other arrangements have been
made in the terms of our contract or agreement.

Q. How long does it take for Blueberry to finish the average project?

There is no such thing as an average project length. Some of our projects are small, well‐defined, and
completed in two weeks, others can take nine months or longer ‐ it all depends on the complexity and
scope of the project, and whether revisions have been made to the original brief.

Q. Is it viable to outsource a software development to Blueberry without even meeting you?

We live in a very technologically connected world. Provided the requirements and objectives of the
development are clearly agreed, there is no reason why contact by telephone, the Web and email
should not be sufficient to successfully complete the project.

Q. What are the methodologies followed by Blueberry in the process of bespoke software development?

See our How We Work page.

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